Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Overseas makeup!

Im gonna show you guys the cosmetic stuff I got when I was on exchange last year from Canada and America! [Note: I forgot to include Urban Decay Naked Basics & Nyx blusher in the group picture. but will still be mentioning them!]

So here are all the cosmetics products I bought overseas! Eyeliners, Lots of mascaras, stocked up my eyebrow pencils, new lipsticks and my first buffing brush!


1) Stila liquid Eyeliner
The first product i bought when i went over to Canada. LOVE IT. it is super long lasting and waterproof! The felt tip also makes drawing the sharp lines super easy. That's why I had to buy another one in America before heading back to Singapore as it's slightly cheaper there. 20 USD and 28 SGD. Slightly pricey but was a good investment! For a cheaper alternative, I would also recommend Majolica Majorca's Line Hunter! I was surprised at how easy it was to use that.

2) Covergirl Liquiline Blast
I bought it from Australia a few years back and have loved it since. I've also done a review on this in my previous post! Love it cuz I have to draw a really thick line on my lids before it can be seen when I open my eyes, and this makes it so much easier. Plus! it glides on really well and the colour is intense enough for me. super affordable as well?! Under 8 USD! Only thing is you have to sharpen this when it gets blunt.

3) Covergirl Ink It 
I finished using one whole pencil when I was on exchange. This is a great alternative if you arent really confident with your liquid liner skills. I usually use this for my lids and then the Stila eyeliner for drawing the wing tips cuz I wanna "save" the Stila eyeliner formula for drawing wing tips HAHAHA. this formula glides on really well, staying power is wonderful, the colour remains an intense black all day and you don have to sharpen this! Also super affordable. Got it a discount at 8 USD for 2!

Face Shop's Design my Eyebrow [04 and 02]
I have been using Face Shop's design my eyebrow for a pretty long time now. When I found out that they were sold for 4 bucks in Canada, I knew i had to seize the opportunity?! They are retailed at $9.90 in Singapore. It's not the longest lasting eyebrow pencil i have but for the first half of the day, it does its job well. However when your brows gets oily throughout the day, it get rubbed off pretty easily. Thats why I incorporate filling my brows with brown eyeshadow (Urban Decay Naked Basics) after drawing them on to make the colour last longer and it works! Until I find another cheap eyebrow pencil or powder that wins me over, I will be sticking to this and finish up the 4 pencils i bought haha.  

[so addicted to mascaras]

1) Too Faced Better than sex mascara
This was actually a birthday present from my friends:) This is a smudge proof mascara and i just love the packaging so much. It is heavy and feels luxurious haha. This really helps add so much volume to your lashes and is also easily removable with water. The only thing is that, because I have super fine lashes, the formula is too heavy for my lashes and it becomes straight again after application:( Its pretty annoying cuz it's so good at the volumizing part. So what I did eventually was to apply a coat of my Covergirl waterproof mascara that helps keep my curl in place. After it dries, I apply the Better than Sex masacra for the extra volume and the curls stay because of the first coat of waterproof mascara!

2) L'Oreal Miss Manga
This was the first mascara I bought when I went over and I was so happy with it. The first thing I look for in my mascaras is that it should not cause my lashes to fall straight down again after application because of my fine lashes. This was perfect for me. The formula is light-weight, making it so easy to layer on multiple times without weighing down my lashes! That's why I bought another one haha. Plus it was so affordable!

3) Covergirl Lash Blast Volume
I was at Sephora, aka best place to visit to kill time, talking to one of the pretty girls there to redeem my birthday gift from them. I noticed, as usual, that she had super nice long clean lashes, so I had to ask her which mascara she uses. She told me it was a drugstore brand, Covergirl lash blast! I went online to buy it immediately on Amazon hahaha. Oh god this is so good. At first when I looked at the brush head, I really doubt it could coat my lashes well because they are rubber bristles. However, because of the rubber bristles, it's super gentle on my eyes when I do the zig zag motion from root to tip of my lashes. AND, the formula is amazing. It really does lengthen my lashes and keeps my curl where it is supposed to be! This is the mascara I'll apply for days I don't wear eyeliner because mascara does wonders for your eyes:))) Also, because it's so good (and cheap), I decided to buy this for my AC dance friends! Had to spread the goodness! and i also conveniently bought another one for myself to stock up.

4) Covergirl Full Lash Blossom
Last Mascara I bought overseas! Because I was so blown away by Covergirl's Lash Blast, and this was their new launch during the Jan period, I decided to give this a try too! The formula seems to be the same, the only difference is the brush head. This was more of a comb type and really helps to separate your lashes! So I love this as well and I use them interchangeably! I chose the waterproof formula for both (and most of my mascaras) and i love it that it stays on all day:)

Eye Shadow
Urban Decay Naked Basics 
ONE OF MY BEST BUY. I use this palette EVERYDAY. okay not all the colours but "venus" and "faint". the other lighter shades does not really show on my lids so... i usually just leave them alone haha.

You can clearly see which are the colours that I've been using. I use "faint" on my brows as well. The brown is so pigmented and matches my skin colour really well. Sometimes I mix it with "naked 2" for contouring.

Nyx Blush [pinched]
I bought this because I had the impression that my blusher was running out, but after returning back to Singapore, I realized that I still had a lot of blusher left haha. Thus, I haven been using this that much. Having said that, the blusher colours I use are mostly pink, so I can achieve that blushed look, or in this case, a pinched look! The formula is okay, there isnt anything fantastic about it, but maybe also because I haven been using it much. It does its job as a blusher and I don regret buying it.

1) Revlon's Balm Stains + Laquer Balm (the bright red)
[from the top: provocateur, smitten, lovesick, honey]
So i went a little crazy with this. I've heard pretty good comments about them but have never tried it myself cuz it's like $19.90 in Singapore. But when i went over and saw them selling this at $9.90, sometimes cheaper due to sales, I had to buy themmm!! This colours are so pretty and because it's also a balm, it is super hydrating. Another plus point, the darker colour actually stains your lips and that is just wonderful:) I prefer the balm stain texture to the laquer balm but i really like this bright red in the laquer balm range as compared to the balm stain range. you can visit Milkteef for swatches! My favourite is smitten because it absolutely goes well with anything i wear! It suits my skin colour really well too. I go to this whenever I cant decide what lip colour to put on that day!

2) Wet n Wild Lipstick [Purty Persimmon]
After watching Shu ann's Tried and Tested video on the Wet n Wild lipstick, I had to try some for myself! PLUS!!! ITS SO FREAKING CHEAP. i think this cost me about $2.90. The colour is SO pigmented and really comes off the same colour as the stick. Only thing is that it is not ultra hydrating for your lips. But come one, for $2.90?! This is definitely a steal.

3) Topshop's Lips 
[Brighton Pink]

This was a pleasant surprise! Firstly, it was only $5, secondly, the colour is so cute! I'll wear this out on days where im feel like playing up my look! This only thing is that it isnt that hydrating. so you'll probably end up having slightly flaky bright pink looking lips at the end of the day haha. I'll usually just apply my lip balm, let it sit for awhile, and touch up! or just switch to a darker and more hydrating lip product. Who knew Top Shop had such great cosmetics!

A buffing brush from Amazon. There isnt a brand for this brush but this was such a steal! This brush only cost me less than 3 bucks and the quality is amazing. I've never been that person who used a brush to apply foundation/ bb cream. But after trying it out with this brush, it's my constant. This blends out foundation SOOO well and evenly! The brush is dense and thick but also really soft at the same time! Was so happy with this buy!!

As you can tell, I love it when I buy products that are good and CHEAP hahaha
And Im done with all the cosmetic products that I bought from overseas:)


Saturday, March 14, 2015

DIY Sushi Mat Makeup Brush Roll!

Apologies to the "shutting down" of my blog for awhile. I switched it to private for awhile because of some personal reasons. But heck those reasons and I can't wait to share what I just did!!

What's a sushi mat makeup brush roll? I can't think of a shorter name for it yet but here's what it looks like:

So yes, it is a sushi mat that holds makeup brushes! Inspired by Irina (click to check hers out!), i really wanted to try out this cute DIY haha. 

So here was how I did mine and the steps involved!

Things you will need: A sushi mat (Daiso, $2) and an elastic band (Art Friend, $3.85). 

I only used about 1/4 of the whole elastic band anws! So you can make about 4 of these sushi mat makeup brush roll hahaha. The name is too longgggg. Apart from these 2 items, you'll need the basic materials such as needle and thread for some simple sewing, a scissors and some ribbons for the aesthetic touch!

Step 1 - Simple Start
Weave the elastic band through the first two sticks and sew them together. The sewing doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to hold the elastic band in place.

Step 2 - Weave Master
Weave the rest of the elastic band through the mat, creating some big and small pockets depending on the size of your brushes. Leave 1 or 2 sticks between each pockets depending on the size of your brushes too!

My own tip: 
1. I would arrange my brushes on the mat before weaving the band through to decide how I can best maximise the space on the mat. For this, I alternated the thick and thin brushes so that I could fit more brushes on the mat! 
2. Plus! While weaving the band through, I would fit my brushes in as well so I would not face a problem where I left too little space in the packet to fit my brushes through. 
3. After weaving, you may realise that some of your brushes are too close to each other, I would then re-weave and leave more sticks in between each pockets.

Step 3 - Reaching the end
Once I have reached it end, I weaved it through the last 2 sticks. Initially, I considered sewing them, However, I look into my future and realised if I didnt fix it down, I could remove and readjust the pocket size however I like it when I discard old brushes and replace them with new ones! I can also rearrange my brush arrangement whenever I feel like it because the elastic band isn't fixed. However, this is my personal preference and PARTIALLY because I was lazy to sew the end HAHA. Don't worry about it being loose though, because of the texture of the elastic band, it stays in place pretty well. I just weaved in through the last few sticks a couple more times and it is as if you have "sewed" it in place. 

Step 4 - Finishing Touch
After rolling your sushi mat up, it doesn't really stay in place. Instead of sewing your ribbon on, you could just use a long piece of ribbon to tie it up. However, I didnt want to misplace my ribbon whenever I open up my sushi mat, so I went a step further to sew on my own ribbon in a way that secures my sushi mat makeup brush roll when its rolled up!

I sewed one end of the ribbon close to the end of the sushi mat, made a rough measure on the length of the ribbon after twirling it around the mat and leaving some excess to tie a ribbon.
 After which, I sewed another piece of ribbon (a shorter piece) next to the previous ribbon and I measure its length by pulling the first piece of ribbon around the sushi mat and cut the second piece of ribbon to be the same length. Thus, the excess part of ribbon 1 and the whole length of ribbon 2 would be roughly the same length to tie the final ribbon at the end! (Im sorry if I couldn't explain this part properly! If you need more explanation on this part, do let me know!)

 And this is how it looks like!

I did this simple DIY within an hour (around there I think haha), and I really love how it turned out! It's super cute and would make a great gift:) (that is if I can have my friends' makeup brushes to make sure the pockets are of the correct size)

That's all for the sushi mat makeup brush roll hahaha.

Hope some of you found it informative in some ways and will try it out!
Sorry for being so lousy with this blog thing and for the constant lack of posts haha.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lash issues

Last last week in New York City

Hey guys! Just a quick update about mascaras!!

Remember in my previous posts that I mentioned I love this maybelline mascara that I received in a goodie bag and cannot find it anywhere else? Guess what, I found it!! However, it seems to me that it is an improved formula but with the same brush. I've read some reviews on it and it seems really good! Also remember that I said it was a love-hate relationship cuz it was such a bitch to remove it? The reviews mentioned that this formula is much easier to remove but with the same amount of volume and length!! so guess what again, I bought it hhaha. though i wouldn't be able to use it just yet cuz it will be sent to my singapore address, Im still really excited about it. For those living in singapore and would love to try that mascara out, go to to look for it. It is called Maybelline's Volum' Express HyperCurl. Im a happy girlllll. Cant believe I finally found it:)
GIRLS, after coming back to Singapore and finally so excited to use it, I realise it is different. The brush head is different from the one I had and so is the formula hhaha. (It isn't bad, still adds volume to my lashes but wasn't as amazing as the one I loved) so.... I haven found it yet. Sorry

So in the mean time, I found a great mascara in Canada as well! It is called Miss Manga by L'oreal. In the beginning, I was trying to get use to the flexible brush head. However, i realise the magic of it. Because of the flexible brush head, not too much product gets onto your lashes, hence you can slowly build up on the lashes. It is a complete opposite of the Hyper Curl mascara as for that one, one swipe is actually enough and you can apply it really quickly because the formula is so thick. However, I like this Miss Manga mascara because it allows my lashes to still look natural and not that heavy. It is not as waterproof as the Hyper Curl but it still works wonderfully for me:) Hopefully it will be out in Singapore soon:)

It's getting really cold now. but make up is still a need!:)

Friday, September 26, 2014

Shutzravels. Schulich School of Business.

It's been a month plus since my last post because...

I am currently on exchange in Toronto, Canada, and my experience so far consists of a mix of emotions.
It has been and is amazing to live in a different place with an entirely different environment + climate. Still getting use to the bipolar weather here but other than that, the view and people I've met have been nothing short of amazing.

The beginning of any journey is always filled with uncertainties mixed with fear and excitement. I was afraid of being out there alone, stepping out of my bubble or even losing people i love because we know what distance can do to relationships sometimes. But, after one month, I AM SO HAPPY I MADE THAT CHOICE (or rather my mum convinced me to). Anyone who faces the same doubts for exchange, i say go for it. Those fears you might think about now are really quite insignificant once you have reached here. The beauty of whichever country you choose to go will keep you pretty occupied to even think about the uncertainties. And there will always be help around, if you are willing to ask. I am 99% sure that all the people that have went for exchange do not regret their decision and have enjoyed the hell out of it. But i digress. hahaha, i wanted to talk about my experience here, and i shall split it up into a few parts, maybe adding a little on along the way.

Let's start with school!

So i am currently studying at the Schulich (pronouced as shoe-lick, we kept pronouncing it as school-lish. LOL the singaporean english) School of Business in York University. Honestly, I had no clue about the reputation about this school. But after interacting with my house mates and some strangers along the way, they kept praising Schulich and how difficult it is to get into that school. So WOW, I am feeling really quite honoured to actually be attending that school. However the down side is, you know how most of us go to exchange to travel and relax for a sem, well, I can't really relax that much for this school because the students here are all so darn smart and competitive. Feels like NTU x1.5 because they are all so vocal about their thoughts and freak, their thought process is insane. However, they are really friendly people! you can chat up with almost anyone anytime and they will be more than willing to talk to you.

Their presentations are all so good as well. Maybe its their accent? or their english? Its just so well put together. Plus, when people asked them questions or make a simple comment, they are able to answer them without hesitating. Just blown away, they are naturals at presentation.

Anyhoo, I've only had 4 weeks of classes and I already have a mid-term coming up next week hhaa. good luck to me, though i'll only have to pass it.

Have been watching the big bang theory ever since I've arrived here. haha. my de-stress series! Time for another episode:)