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"Everyday" make up products!

The reason why i typed "everyday" is because on days that i don go out to show the world my face, i rather just slap on the basic sunscreen, moisturizer, BB cream and a lil bit of eyebrow powder before heading out. Okay i know that still sounds like a whole lot of things but those are what i would group as the basic necessities before heading out. Well, unless you have a flawless canvas and full brows already, you can just do the sunscreen and moisturizer :)

my "everyday" makeup changes over the years due to these 3 main reasons: my makeup skills, trying out new looks and decide that i like it better than my previous look and the products i use. So, Im just gonna post about my most current products!


If you would like a more detailed post about this, you can refer to my skin routine post. But basically, it is just my Clinique toner and gel moisturizer, Kose sunscreen (yes ive switched!), Etude House BB cream and setting my base with Lancome foundation or Silky Girl foundation. read the reviews on the toner, moisturizer and BB cream in my previous post to find out more!

Kose sunscreen gel

This has much lighter texture as compared to the Neutrogena Drytouch sunscreen i used previously, but it would also reduce more weight from your wallet. hahaha. Thankfully my mum had vouchers, so it was kinda free when i got it haha.
So, this glides on really well and spreads easily too. However, I wouldnt say i totally love this because i prefer a matte looking face.[ive tried the ZA sunscreen before, the skinny tube one, and that doesnt leave my face looking shiny! so i might switch back to that next time again] This Kose sunscreen leaves your skin looking dewy and a lil too shiny for me. Thats not the look im going for so that's a downer for me. I know some people like their face to look watery and bouncy, so go ahead and try this out! For me, I would use a powder foundation afterwards to "mattify" my face. But honestly, i don know if any of my sunscreen ever worked before. I mean, you cant really see or feel any results hahaah. I guess the only way is that if you see your freckles forming or getting worse, it probably doesnt work that well or you arent reapplying enough.

Lancome Teint Miracle Compact

My mum got this along with the hypnoses mascara and a beauty set for me two Christmas ago. The lady told me this was more moisturising and something but seriously, how moisturising can compact powder get haha. This was my very first set of "branded" beauty products. She wanted me to test out if pricier = better. I would review the mascara below, but for the beauty set, another time perhaps. So anyhow, the foundation. the one i chose was supposed to be more moisturizing than the others. Actually i haven used much of powder foundation so i cant really tell if it's all that good. But well, the powder is really fine and it does a good job as the final layer after i applied my base. But im not so sure that i would spend so much on a powder foundation again.

Silky Girl Oil-control Pressed powder, 01 Fair
That's because after trying out silky girl's pressed powder, it does a better job at covering up and mattifying my face because that's its job, oil-control. I guess it's personal preference, really. this is great for covering up (and really covering up all my pores) but it is also slightly more cakey as the powder is not as fine. Hence, if you're going for the natural look/your skin is not that oily, you may not like this very much. Lancome is the obvious winner when it comes to the design for the case and the crazy beautiful flower carving on the compact powder. But for a much cheaper price, Silky Girl is definitely something I would purchase again.


(the area where i think most people take the most time and i feel is the most important area! so i have split this group into 3 smaller parts)

Most of my friends would know that this is the part where I place the most importance on and where I tell my friends to place importance on as well. haha, because seriously, drawing of your brows make a damn HUGE difference. You look way more put together, and it enhances plus frames your eyes.
I've used:
Body Shop, Brow Definer:
the formula has a little wax in it, so it helps to keep your brows in place, but im not exactly a fan of it. You have to sharpen it when it gets blunt, plus it is more pricey at S$19.90. However, this has the longest staying power out of the three.

Face shop, Design my eyebrow: 
have went back to purchase the same brow pencil thrice! It has a spooly on the other side, which is super convenient when i need to blend the formula out! the lead is shaped in a way that makes application easier. Hence, I've been loving it. It is super affordable too at just S$9.90!

Kate, Eyebrow pencil: 
the lead is much thinner than the previous two pencils i've used. I purchased one in a lighter shade from my previous two. Although it takes a slightly longer time to fill in the brows because of the thinner lead, it also gives me more control for precision to slowly build in the thickness of my brows. This cost S$9.90 as well. However, this lead is shorter and it does not have a spooky:(

I've tried using powder ones before but somehow i prefer the pencil formula as i feel like it gives me the concentration that i want. However, it could be due to that Im already used to it haha. Some people feel that using pencil to draw your brows would look less natural because of the sharp lines, however, you can always use a spooly to blend it out!

on normal days, just eyeliner and some highlighter on the inner tear ducts are all i do. On other days, I might just add a colour on my lids to make the eyes a little heavier. But honestly, my eyelids are a bitch. It requires a lot of eyeliner before you can even see the liner. So when i open my eyes, it looks fine, but when i close it, it looks like i applied way too much eyeliner haha. But everyone's eyes are different. Hence, you need to keep trying until you find a look that suits your eyes best. the way i draw the end of my eyes constantly changes. it looks different everyday because its pretty difficult to draw the exact same flick and thickness unless i have a stanza for my eyes haha. Sometimes i like it to go straight out and some days i like to look a little more flirty and flick it upwards. Okay moving on to what i used. Eyeliner is probably one of the products i have purchased the most. 

Currently, I'm using Covergirl's liquiline blast eyeliner, purchased when i was in Australia a few years ago.

it disappeared for 2 years after i used it for 1 month but i found it 4 months ago. You've no idea how happy i was cuz i absolutely love the formula. Actually the Pupa Multiplay eyeliner 
one that my friend got for me glides on as well as the cover girl eyeliner but it smudges more easily and has a weaker staying power.
Well but they are so good. because my eyes requires a thick line of eyeliner, and these thick pencils just requires me to draw a few lines and I'm done. Plus, the smudger at the end with a sharp point allows me to draw some cat eye at the end before the formula dries up. However, I would not do that everyday because i feel like all the tugging at my eye with a rubber like thing isn't all that good. Like we all know, the skin around our eyes are the thinnest, so I wouldnt recommend smudging too often. Hence! I have a liquid liner by Rimmel (Rimmel London Glam eyes professional), just for drawing the perfect wing. 

It took me awhile to get use to this and it annoyed me the brush was so thinnnn. however after some practice, this really allows me to draw the perfect wing.  The formula is concentrated, so it is really black. Ive tried some liquid liner that comes off greyish, and i feel cheated (elf's one). Though the felt tip pen made application easy, the formula was just bad. 

Previous fave: Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara($50)!
It is still one of my fave but its running out already, so i seldom use it nowadays. This really adds some length and volume to your lashes without any clumps! it makes it really natural looking and doesnt weigh my short and sparse lashes down. so kudos to this item! But why are you so expensive:( 

Current fave: Maybelline's HyperCurl (free). But! i cant seem to find it anywhere. I got it from a goodie bag when I attended a career talk by L'oreal. This is a love-hate relationship though. LOVE: this gives me the most volume, best length, formula isnt heavy so my lashes stays perky, PLUS it is water and smudge proof. I wear this when i go to beaches or for walks, it doesnt budge one bit. Absolutely LOVE it. Some times i just apply this on my lashes without any eyeliner and its enough!

 After!! You can really see the difference right!!! i love this. (Sorry for the bad quality photos taken from my phone haha)
The perfect mascara if not for this - HATE: WHAT A BITCH TO REMOVE THIS FROM MY LASHES. every time i apply this on, i feel so happy that my lashes are existent and curly, but i dread the removal part. most of the time, i can't remove all of it and i just go to bed with half of the product left on my eyelashes and i have to try to remove it again the next day. 

I don have a particular brand that i like and i don pay much attention to the products that i use on my cheeks. But i do make sure i apply some colour to them as it really helps to make you look more healthy and perks your whole being up! Currently, I'm using , a blusher that I've bought in a thailand department store. But what I do when choosing blusher (or lipstick), i will apply the product on my hand to see how it turns out. Because just by looking at the compact version of the product, you cannot tell if it suits you or not. After doing so, i will find a mirror and place my hand around the area of my face that the product is used for to see if it suits me. To me, that is the best way to choose the right shade of pink/brown/orange blusher/bronzer that suits yourself. So far, i've been loving 85% of the shades that i've chosen in this way, so maybe you could try this out next time.
I've also tried using a cheek tint! Find more information about it below, under the lips department.  


This is another part im constantly buying new products for. But look at the amount of shades of lipsticks, lip balm, lip tint, lip pencil, lip gloss in the world! you can't just have one...
hahaha. anws, I have a range of colours in my collection and the colour chosen depends both on my mood and the event im going to. on usual days, lip balm is the necessity for me cuz my lips get dry easily. hence, i like to choose lip balms that are tinted. The only problem is that, i realize those that are tinted, they compromise the effectiveness of the balm. Maybe its psychological... Somehow i feel they don't work as well as the normal lip balms (current: Vaseline, Crabtree and Evelyn). But i really dig the natural pink lips effect they give so... heck. hahah. the one that works best for me would be Lip Ice sheer colour.
The bullet is whitish and transparent but after applying it on, it REALLY changes colour. And the best part, if you don do anything to it for some time, it kinda stains your lips a little so the colour stays. awesome. hahaha. but yes, the effectiveness of the balm is just mediocre.

After just swapping it on my hand
You can see the change in colour. this happened just 15 seconds after swapping it on my hand. 
The other lip balms (Maybelline Baby lips) i've tried only has a super slight change in colour so i don really dig those that much.

These are just 1/3 of the number of lip products i have with my in my to-go-makeup-pouch. No idea why i carry so many of them though hahha.

The tube of the most left is the cheek and lip stain from body shop. In my opinion, it works as a better cheek stain than lip stain. It really doesn't stain much of my lips for me. But for my cheeks, it does give it a nice pinkish touch and it lasts longer than a powdered blusher.
But in terms of lipstick, its really trial and error for me. I've had my fair share of buying lip colours online that doesn't suit my skin tone at all. Such as a bright light pink and a orangey pink shade. But I'm still willing to experiment with different shades.

Alright! A very long detailed post for the super lack of post for the past few months. Huge apologiesssss. Hope you found my review informative and picked up one or two things from this:)

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