Friday, September 26, 2014

Shutzravels. Schulich School of Business.

It's been a month plus since my last post because...

I am currently on exchange in Toronto, Canada, and my experience so far consists of a mix of emotions.
It has been and is amazing to live in a different place with an entirely different environment + climate. Still getting use to the bipolar weather here but other than that, the view and people I've met have been nothing short of amazing.

The beginning of any journey is always filled with uncertainties mixed with fear and excitement. I was afraid of being out there alone, stepping out of my bubble or even losing people i love because we know what distance can do to relationships sometimes. But, after one month, I AM SO HAPPY I MADE THAT CHOICE (or rather my mum convinced me to). Anyone who faces the same doubts for exchange, i say go for it. Those fears you might think about now are really quite insignificant once you have reached here. The beauty of whichever country you choose to go will keep you pretty occupied to even think about the uncertainties. And there will always be help around, if you are willing to ask. I am 99% sure that all the people that have went for exchange do not regret their decision and have enjoyed the hell out of it. But i digress. hahaha, i wanted to talk about my experience here, and i shall split it up into a few parts, maybe adding a little on along the way.

Let's start with school!

So i am currently studying at the Schulich (pronouced as shoe-lick, we kept pronouncing it as school-lish. LOL the singaporean english) School of Business in York University. Honestly, I had no clue about the reputation about this school. But after interacting with my house mates and some strangers along the way, they kept praising Schulich and how difficult it is to get into that school. So WOW, I am feeling really quite honoured to actually be attending that school. However the down side is, you know how most of us go to exchange to travel and relax for a sem, well, I can't really relax that much for this school because the students here are all so darn smart and competitive. Feels like NTU x1.5 because they are all so vocal about their thoughts and freak, their thought process is insane. However, they are really friendly people! you can chat up with almost anyone anytime and they will be more than willing to talk to you.

Their presentations are all so good as well. Maybe its their accent? or their english? Its just so well put together. Plus, when people asked them questions or make a simple comment, they are able to answer them without hesitating. Just blown away, they are naturals at presentation.

Anyhoo, I've only had 4 weeks of classes and I already have a mid-term coming up next week hhaa. good luck to me, though i'll only have to pass it.

Have been watching the big bang theory ever since I've arrived here. haha. my de-stress series! Time for another episode:)


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