Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Lash issues

Last last week in New York City

Hey guys! Just a quick update about mascaras!!

Remember in my previous posts that I mentioned I love this maybelline mascara that I received in a goodie bag and cannot find it anywhere else? Guess what, I found it!! However, it seems to me that it is an improved formula but with the same brush. I've read some reviews on it and it seems really good! Also remember that I said it was a love-hate relationship cuz it was such a bitch to remove it? The reviews mentioned that this formula is much easier to remove but with the same amount of volume and length!! so guess what again, I bought it hhaha. though i wouldn't be able to use it just yet cuz it will be sent to my singapore address, Im still really excited about it. For those living in singapore and would love to try that mascara out, go to to look for it. It is called Maybelline's Volum' Express HyperCurl. Im a happy girlllll. Cant believe I finally found it:)
GIRLS, after coming back to Singapore and finally so excited to use it, I realise it is different. The brush head is different from the one I had and so is the formula hhaha. (It isn't bad, still adds volume to my lashes but wasn't as amazing as the one I loved) so.... I haven found it yet. Sorry

So in the mean time, I found a great mascara in Canada as well! It is called Miss Manga by L'oreal. In the beginning, I was trying to get use to the flexible brush head. However, i realise the magic of it. Because of the flexible brush head, not too much product gets onto your lashes, hence you can slowly build up on the lashes. It is a complete opposite of the Hyper Curl mascara as for that one, one swipe is actually enough and you can apply it really quickly because the formula is so thick. However, I like this Miss Manga mascara because it allows my lashes to still look natural and not that heavy. It is not as waterproof as the Hyper Curl but it still works wonderfully for me:) Hopefully it will be out in Singapore soon:)

It's getting really cold now. but make up is still a need!:)

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