Saturday, March 14, 2015

DIY Sushi Mat Makeup Brush Roll!

Apologies to the "shutting down" of my blog for awhile. I switched it to private for awhile because of some personal reasons. But heck those reasons and I can't wait to share what I just did!!

What's a sushi mat makeup brush roll? I can't think of a shorter name for it yet but here's what it looks like:

So yes, it is a sushi mat that holds makeup brushes! Inspired by Irina (click to check hers out!), i really wanted to try out this cute DIY haha. 

So here was how I did mine and the steps involved!

Things you will need: A sushi mat (Daiso, $2) and an elastic band (Art Friend, $3.85). 

I only used about 1/4 of the whole elastic band anws! So you can make about 4 of these sushi mat makeup brush roll hahaha. The name is too longgggg. Apart from these 2 items, you'll need the basic materials such as needle and thread for some simple sewing, a scissors and some ribbons for the aesthetic touch!

Step 1 - Simple Start
Weave the elastic band through the first two sticks and sew them together. The sewing doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to hold the elastic band in place.

Step 2 - Weave Master
Weave the rest of the elastic band through the mat, creating some big and small pockets depending on the size of your brushes. Leave 1 or 2 sticks between each pockets depending on the size of your brushes too!

My own tip: 
1. I would arrange my brushes on the mat before weaving the band through to decide how I can best maximise the space on the mat. For this, I alternated the thick and thin brushes so that I could fit more brushes on the mat! 
2. Plus! While weaving the band through, I would fit my brushes in as well so I would not face a problem where I left too little space in the packet to fit my brushes through. 
3. After weaving, you may realise that some of your brushes are too close to each other, I would then re-weave and leave more sticks in between each pockets.

Step 3 - Reaching the end
Once I have reached it end, I weaved it through the last 2 sticks. Initially, I considered sewing them, However, I look into my future and realised if I didnt fix it down, I could remove and readjust the pocket size however I like it when I discard old brushes and replace them with new ones! I can also rearrange my brush arrangement whenever I feel like it because the elastic band isn't fixed. However, this is my personal preference and PARTIALLY because I was lazy to sew the end HAHA. Don't worry about it being loose though, because of the texture of the elastic band, it stays in place pretty well. I just weaved in through the last few sticks a couple more times and it is as if you have "sewed" it in place. 

Step 4 - Finishing Touch
After rolling your sushi mat up, it doesn't really stay in place. Instead of sewing your ribbon on, you could just use a long piece of ribbon to tie it up. However, I didnt want to misplace my ribbon whenever I open up my sushi mat, so I went a step further to sew on my own ribbon in a way that secures my sushi mat makeup brush roll when its rolled up!

I sewed one end of the ribbon close to the end of the sushi mat, made a rough measure on the length of the ribbon after twirling it around the mat and leaving some excess to tie a ribbon.
 After which, I sewed another piece of ribbon (a shorter piece) next to the previous ribbon and I measure its length by pulling the first piece of ribbon around the sushi mat and cut the second piece of ribbon to be the same length. Thus, the excess part of ribbon 1 and the whole length of ribbon 2 would be roughly the same length to tie the final ribbon at the end! (Im sorry if I couldn't explain this part properly! If you need more explanation on this part, do let me know!)

 And this is how it looks like!

I did this simple DIY within an hour (around there I think haha), and I really love how it turned out! It's super cute and would make a great gift:) (that is if I can have my friends' makeup brushes to make sure the pockets are of the correct size)

That's all for the sushi mat makeup brush roll hahaha.

Hope some of you found it informative in some ways and will try it out!
Sorry for being so lousy with this blog thing and for the constant lack of posts haha.


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